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Price List 01/10/2020

Price List
Updated: 01/10/2020
General services
Price (€)
User Account
Account management fee -
Portal Operator’s service fee⁷ 1€
LHV Bank Link Service fee¹ According to service provider pricing
Inactive account fee⁸ 2.5€/monthly
Price (€)
Primary Market
Making an investment -
Contract fee -
Secondary Market
Service fee for seller 2% of the transaction amount
Buyer fee -
Price (€)
Loan Application
Intermediation fee² 2.5%-4%
Administration fee (annual)³ 0-2%
Notary fees from establishing the mortgage⁴ According to notary services pricelist
Establishing the mortgage by GoFundEstate Security Agent 250 + VAT
Releasing the mortgage by GoFundEstate Security Agent 100 + VAT
Extending loan Period up to 6 months Up to 1% from the loan amount, min €250
Overdue payments
Formal notice fee According to local service provider pricing
GoFundEstate Security Realisation Fee 5% of principal loan amount
Security agent fee According to local service provider pricing
Bailiff fee⁵ According to local service provider pricing
Overdue payment notice⁶ 20€ (according to EC directive 2011/7/EU)
¹ – LHV Bank Link service fee – it is a fee in the amount of up to 10 euros for administrating transactions on the platform. The precise fee amount is indicated in the deposit/withdrawal section of the platform.
³ – Fx. The platform reserves the right to propose a specific administration fee amount considering the loan amount, loan term, repayment schedule, liquidity of the asset and borrower’s background. Fx, for a loan amount of €1 000 000 with an LTV 50%, a loan term of 12 months and monthly interest payment with the principal paid at the end and strong financial background of the borrower, the administration fee can be proposed 0.5% annually, paid according to the interest payment schedule. For a loan amount of €50 000, LTV 69%, collateral situated in the secondary city, full bullet payment schedule, the annual administration fee could be prosed 0%, due to specifics of the loan repayment (full bullet) and proposed intermediation fee.
⁴ – Read more about Estonian Notary Fees Act
⁵ – Estonia:; Latvia:; Lithuania:
⁶ – We charge up to 40€ (2*20€) reminder fees in accordance of EC directive 2011/7/EU article 6 and local legislation where the mentioned EC directive has been implemented into.
⁷ – Portal Operator’s service fee is calculated and charged every time money is withdrawn from the virtual account by the investor
⁸ – An ‘inactive account fee” is charged to users who have deposited funds in their accounts but who have not made any new investments on the Primary nor Secondary market for the last 12 months and who also have no active loans in their portfolio. The fee will be applied monthly in case there is a positive balance on the user’s account. If the user makes an investment, the account status will be switched to active again.